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We always wanted to be like gangster rappers.

And gangster rappers need a gangster rapper video, right?

Why? To be honest, we just wanted to be as cool as these people on the internet, posing in front of expensive cars with a bossy behavior.

Maserati was meant to be a „normal“ Woofa House track until we had the video concept of the song. It was more like a joke when we said „let‘s do a video like this“, but as everyone liked the idea, we decided to go all in with it and had the craziest two hours ever brainstorming the concept for the track.

The lyrics were written within 5 minutes (Julius was sitting on the toilet when he had the idea). The topic „Maserati“ felt good, because both of us love Maseratis, woofa kid also liked it and it was the only car we could borrow for free.

It was crazy how much happened to this song since woofa kid sent us the first demo of it. We rented a studio and spent 12 hours shooting the video. At the end of that day we were super exhausted and tired but we all knew it was worth it because we were about to bring something brand new, something nobody has ever brought to the world before.


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