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So Sexy was created during the first COVID-19 Lockdown in Austria. We were spending all of our time at home and worked a lot on new music. Julius found the sample with the vocals and we knew, we had to use them. We were super excited about the track, but as we showed it to our team everyone was like "cool, but not good enough". So we did about three more versions until everyone said: "this is it!"

After we founded Minted Records, we realized, that we wanted to create a concept around the track and started gathering ideas with our team. After discarding most of them, we came up with the idea of an abstract, sexual video visualizer with silhouettes in a big, dark room. We were super late with shooting the video and also changed the cover picture two weeks before the release, because the shots of the video were so sick.

We were super proud of the project because it was the first release on Minted Records and also the first release of ours, where had a whole creative concept for the song.


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